AR# 8501


2.1i Xilinx Software - Is Foundation (and Alliance) 2.1i supported in Windows 2000?


Keywords: Windows, 2000, Foundation 2.1i, Alliance 2.1i, 3.1i

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description:
Does the Xilinx 2.1i software support Windows 2000?


The Xilinx 2.1i software suite was released before Microsoft Windows 2000 was available. Therefore, Xilinx was unable to formally test and verify that the 2.1i software tools are completely Windows 2000-compatible prior to the software release. Because of this situation, Xilinx cannot guarantee that the tools are compatible.

Software versions 3.1i and above support Windows 2000 (as well as Windows 98 and Windows NT.)
AR# 8501
日付 05/29/2002
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