AR# 8534


SP5 Install, SP5, C_IP4: "Setup failed while processing the FileCopier.SrvcPackReplacetask. "


Keywords: install, sp5, filecopygenerator, coregen, c_ip4

Urgency: standard

General Description:

The following messages may be seen when installing the SP5 service pack:

"Setup failed while processing the FileCopier.SrvcPackReplacetask.

Problems when writing <Xilinx_home_dir>/coregen/lib/com/xilinx/encore/coregen/elaborate/FileCopyGenerator.class.
Press OK to clean up partially-installed software."

This may be seen on systems where the C_IP4 IP Update has been installed.



The problem may be caused by read-only permissions on a file installed by the
C_IP4 IP update for CORE Generator. The problem is that the file,
which was included in C_IP4, had Read-only permissions on it.

To fix the problem, change the permissions on
so that it is writable, then reinstall SP5.


Messages similar to this may also be seen if you try to install a Service Pack
when one or more Xilinx applications are already running.

The solution is to quit the Xilinx application(s) and retry the install.
AR# 8534
日付 06/13/2002
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