AR# 8538


2.1i_SP3 JTAGProgrammer: 9500/XL Deselecting Program Options -> "Erase before programming" does not work


Keywords: Jtagprogrammer, jtagpgmr, 9500, 9500XL, erase, program, deselect, GUI, service pack,
SP3, SP4, SP5

Urgency: HOT

General Description: The Service Pack 3 introduced a problem with the deselection
of "erase before programming" in the chain operations menu on certain platforms.
This is a problem for production environments which are programming new parts
and do not want to erase the parts before programming.


This is fixed in Service Pack 6 (Cs6).

Please go to the link where the latest Service Pack is available:
AR# 8538
日付 08/27/2001
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