AR# 860


XC4000E: 4025E pinout update for the MQ240, HQ240, and HQ304 packages


Four pins were left unlisted on the XC4025/E in the HQ304 and
M/HQ240 packages. These pins are NO CONNECTS on the XC4025
and are Vcc on the XC4025E. When the XC4025E was created, there
was room to add these Vccs, so they were added.


These pins are:

HQ304: 101, 129, 253, 282
M/HQ240: 19, 40, 161, 140

They should be tied to Vcc, since this is what the 4025E requires. This goes for 4025 non-E parts, since you may want to upgrade to a 4025E soon.
AR# 860
日付 01/12/2003
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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