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AR# 8634

3.1i XFLOW - ERROR:Xflow:13 - Partname not found in design when using XNF netlist


Keywords: XFLOW, XFlow, Xflow, partname, xnf, smart mode

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
XFLOW successfully locates and uses the part name for an XNF netlist when
processing the design for the first time. However, subsequent runs of XFLOW
on the XNF netlist fail with the error:

ERROR:Xflow:13 - Partname not found in design. Partname should be
specified either in the design or on the command line.



This problem only occurs when using the Smart Mode feature of XFLOW on
an XNF netlist design. Specifically, XFLOW is run without specifying the .XNF
file extension for the input netlist.

The resolution is to specify the part name on the XFLOW command line using
the -p option:

xflow -p <partname> <additional_options> <design>


The problem will not occur if you do not use the Smart Mode feature of XFLOW. To do this, run XFLOW with the .XNF file extension for the input netlist specified on the command line:

xflow <options> <design>.xnf
AR# 8634
日付 12/07/2004
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般