AR# 8817


LogiCORE - PCI Configuration and Download: The Download Status dialogue box briefly appears, then disappears. No files are offered for download.


Problem Description:

When configuring a PCI Core and clicking the 'Download' button, the 'Download

Status' dialogue box pops up and promptly disappears. No files are subsequently

offered for download.

The last line in the log file is,

"Waiting for server to create your customized PCI core."

NOTE: The configuration log can be seen by selecting the 'Log'

button at the bottom of the Configuration and Download Tool.


This has been seen when Internet Explorer v5.0 is used. Upgrading to

the latest version fixes the problem.

AR# 8817
日付 12/15/2012
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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