AR# 8976


2.1i COREGEN: Cannot start Core Generator GUI on Japanese Solaris 2.6 : access control disabled, clients can connect from any host


Keywords: Core Generator, Coregen, cannot start, will not open, Japanese Solaris

Urgency: Standard

General Description
When you try to start Coregen 2.1i program on Japanese version of Solaris 2.6, you may
get following error:

Script started on Wed Jan 26 17:49:26 2000
access control disabled, clients can connect from any host

csk_tosi@socweb[1] ./coregen

[Loaded java/lang/Thread.class from /auto/zao/vol/vol0/lsidev/Xilinx/Alliance2.1i/coregen/java/sol/jre1.1.5/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/Object.class from /auto/zao/vol/vol0/lsidev/Xilinx/Alliance2.1i/coregen/java/sol/jre1.1.5/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/Class.class from /auto/zao/vol/vol0/lsidev/Xilinx/Alliance2.1i/coregen/java/sol/jre1.1.5/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/String.class from /auto/zao/vol/vol0/lsidev/Xilinx/Alliance2.1i/coregen/java/sol/jre1.1.5/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/Serializable.class from /auto/zao/vol/vol0/lsidev/Xilinx/Alliance2.1i/coregen/java/sol/jre1.1.5/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/ThreadDeath.class from /auto/zao/vol/vol0/lsidev/Xilinx/Alliance2.1i/coregen/java/sol/jre1.1.5/lib/rt.jar]


This problem is only seen on Japanese version of Solaris 2.6. The problem seems to
be related to JAVA and Japanese Solaris 2.6. Xilinx currently do not officially support
any version software on Japanese Solaris. However, following are the alternatives
that are known to work.

1) Use Japanese Solaris 2.7. Since this problem is not apparent on Japanese Solaris 2.7.
However, please be aware that the rest of Xilinx software such as Design Manager,
Floorplanner, FPGA_Editor, etc, have not been tested on Japanese version of Solaris 2.7.

2) If you have access to PC, use PC to run Core Generator. Japanese verions of Foundation 2.1i
and Alliance 2.1i are supported on Japanese windows NT.

3) Use English version of Solaris 2.6 to run Core Generator, as this flow has been fully tested and
officially supported.
AR# 8976
日付 09/03/2001
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