AR# 898


check -p sdesign.1 fails because of invalid/overlapping nets


When XSIMMAKE is run, CHECK -p design.1 sometimes overlooks mistakes in the
schematic, like overlapping nets. The second check in XSIMMAKE
CHECK -p sdesign.1 will issue the following message:

abnormal program termination

CHECK is crashing of an invalid net connection on the schematic. XDRAW is the
program that creates the s<design> schematics. It fails to create valid nets
in the new schematics under certain conditions.

Nets that are overlapped will have a junction appear somewhere on the net
where there normally would not be one. For example, you might see a junction
point where only two nets appear to enter the junction. Move the nets around
and you will see a third net under the first two.


On the schematic, look for junction points that appear to have only two
nets attached. Delete the nets associated with the junction, and redraw the
circuit. Rerun XSIMMAKE and repeat this process until all of the original
schematics are cleaned up.
AR# 898
日付 10/01/2008
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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