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AR# 9081

2.1i Alliance Install : HP-UX : allinstall.log reports : Excluding <path to device>/device.axy, .bxc, .grc, .grd, .grf, .nph, .pkg, .spd


Keywords: Alliance, Install, 2.1, HP-UX, Excluding

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

After installing A2.1i on a HP-UX machine, the allinstall.log reports something
like the following:

Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.axy.zip
Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.bxd.zip
Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.grc.zip
Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.grd.zip
Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.grf.zip
Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.nph.zip
Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.pkg.zip
Excluding <install path>/xc4000xla/data/4085xla.spd.zip

Files for devices other than the 4085xla may also be excluded.

In some cases, these files may be installed on the machine, even though
the log reports that they are excluded.


Check the system and see if the .axy, .bxc, .grc, .grd, .grf, .nph, .pkg, .spd
files have been installed for the device that the allinstall.log reports as being
excluded. If they are on the system, then this message in allinstall.log
can be ignored.

If the files are not installed on the system, you can manually extract them from
the CD and place them in appropriate location. For example, the 4085xla.axy
would be placed in <install path>/xc4000xla/data.
AR# 9081
日付 08/22/2001
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般