AR# 9158


2.1i COREGEN, C_IP5: Known Issues in the C_IP5 IP Update


Keywords: c_ip5, coregen, da, fir, filter, sine, cosine, lut, lookup,
table, virtex, adder, subtracter, subtractor, fd, based, shift, register,
accumulator, single, port, block, ram

Urgency: standard

General Description:
Known Issues in the C_IP5 IP Update


VHDL Simulation Analyze Order:
(Xilinx Solution #6250) has been updated to indicate the order in
which the VHDL behavioral simulation models must be analyzed
for this release.


1) 3.1i, 2.1i MAP: Inputs incorrectly initialized to 1 instead of 0 in
backannotated timing simulation. Applies to Virtex Accumulator,
Adder/Subtracter, and FD-based Register cores
Reference: (Xilinx Answer #9132)

2) 2.1i COREGEN: Main core customization GUI can be closed
while Register Options box remains open.
Reference: (Xilinx Answer #6148)

1) COREGEN - Internal error: "FATAL: Sim SCALING_ACCUM:
equateNets failed " when generating the Virtex DA FIR Filter
Reference: (Xilinx Answer #9216)

2) COREGEN - DA FIR V2.0: "FATAL: ==> General JAVA throw
caught for product <ImpNetlist>." during core generation
Reference: (Xilinx Answer #9075)

3) C_IP5, Distributed Arithmetic FIR Filter, VERILOG - "** Warning:
Failed to open file D:lab4_xxxx.mif for reading"
Reference: (Xilinx Answer #9267)

Single Port Block RAM
Selecting "Falling_Edge" for the clock polarity from the GUI
will still give you core with "Rising_Edge".
Reference: (Xilinx Answer #9559)
AR# 9158
日付 09/03/2001
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