AR# 9379


3.1i Foundation ISE- Network Install does not register FPGA Express DLLs


Keywords: Network Install, Project Navigator, Express

Urgency: Standard

General Description: The 3.1i Foundation ISE Network Install
does not register the FPGA Express DLL for use on the local
terminal. These DLLs must be registered for FPGA Express to
properly function.


Instructions for setting up a local PC to run Foundation ISE 3.1i
software from a remote network location.:

1. Unzip file ISE_Network_Install.ZIP onto the local drive. This will
expand to a directory called ISE_Network_Install which contains the
following files:
Readme.txt (this file)

2. Open express_reg.reg in a text editor and replace K:\\Xilinx
(2 instances) with the appropriate path to where the XILINX
software is installed on the network location.

Replace C:\\WINDOWS (1 instance) with the appropriate Windows
directory path for the local machine.

Note: Use double-back-slashes (\\) to separate directories in the path

3. From the local machine, run setXenv.bat located in network installed
location %XILINX%\bin\nt.

4. Reboot the PC.

5. From the local machine, run setFEXPenv.bat (located in the directory
where you expanded the ZIP file ISE_Network_Install.ZIP).

The zip file can be found on the ftp site:

AR# 9379
日付 09/20/2002
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