AR# 9394


3.1i COREGEN - "No single RPM to display" message appears in the Core Viewer window.


Keywords: COREGen, CORE Generator, rpm, Core Viewer, CoreViewer, rloc

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What does the "No single RPM to display" message in the Core Viewer window mean?


The Core Viewer utility in the 3.1i CORE Generator only displays RLOC'd
logic in the graphical section of the Core Viewer display window if the RLOCs
create a single RPM.

In situations where the logic is not RLOC'd, or more than one RPM is
created in the implementation of the core, the resource utilization in
terms of LUTs, slices, etc., is simply listed verbally in report format.

The lack of RLOC'd logic in an implemented core is due to one of two

- A failure to select "Create RPM" when generating the core; or

- Specific limitations of the core being generated (i.e., RLOCs may
not be supported for the specific version of the core being generated).

To remove the message from view, simply click the "Dismiss" button.
AR# 9394
日付 08/23/2002
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