AR# 943


Hardware Debugger 6.0.1: Verification yields "Part type "?" is not defined in 'partlist.xct'


When running Hardware Debugger from a seperate icon or from File Manager, one may see the following
message during the verification stage:

Part type "?" is not defined in 'partlist.xct'
Ensure that XACT environment is pointing to XACT directory

The device will download fine, only readback/verification is effected. Since it is looking for part "?",
so it isn't a bad partlist.xct.


The working directory must not point to the same place the XACT variable points to.
Therefore, when specifying the Working Directory when creating an icon for Hardware
Debugger, be sure to set it to something other than the XACT directory.

Since File Manager uses the executable's directory as the working directory, running
Hardware Debugger (hwdebugr.exe) from File Manager would always cause this error,
assuming the executable is located in the XACT directory.
AR# 943
日付 11/10/2004
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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