AR# 946


WIN32S problems after installing Foundation (win32s v1.30a) - OE20.EXE, unexpected DOS error 21


Win32s 1.30a, which is installed with the Xilinx Foundation
Series software, has compatibility problems with some Windows

Symptoms of an incompatible Windows configuration include:

1. In the Foundation Schematic Editor, you cannot push into
an HDL-based macro.
2. The XACTstep Design Manager reports an error regarding
3. Any win32s program (such as Freecell) reports "Unexpected
DOS error 21" or "Insufficient memory to run program".


Install win32s 1.30c. This is supplied on the Foundation
6.0.1 CD.

Remove win32s v1.30 from the PC. Xilinx provides a batch
file on the XACTstep CD to do this
(\XBBS\UTILS\RMWIN32S.BAT). Exit Windows and run the batch
file. Follow the instructions on the screen to remove win32s
from your system.

Start Windows. Select File->Run and run the setup program
from the CD (\win32s\support\1_30c\disk1\setup.exe).
AR# 946
日付 04/10/2000
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