AR# 9532


3.1i Install - Unable to accept license agreement when initiating install from a CD drive shortcut


Keywords: 3.1i, install, license, agreement, CD, shortcut, grayed, out

Urgency : Standard

General Description :
When doing an installation of the 3.1i tools by accessing the CD drive through
a shortcut, it has been seen that the user will be unable to accept the software
license agreement. The symptoms are a blank screen where the license should
be, and the "I accept the terms of this software license" option grayed out.


Do not access the installation CD through the shortcut. Instead, either let the auto
start option start the installation process, access the CD drive through Windows
Explorer, or from the "Run" option on the "Start" menu, browse to the CD drive
and select Setup.exe.
AR# 9532
日付 09/17/2002
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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