AR# 954


Foundation XVHDL, F6.x: Instantiating I/O buffers causes XNFPREP error 3530


Keywords: 3530, xnfprep, bufg, ibuf, metamor

Versions: Foundation 6.x

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

During design implementation, the Optimize step fails. The
DRC Report lists the following error:

The signal 'U1_i' is illegally connected to I/O symbols
as shown below:

<lists of symbol pins corresponding to I/O and internal

This error may occur if I/O components were instantiated in
VHDL source code. The XVHDL compiler automatically adds I/O
buffers and flip-flops to all top-level entity ports. If an
I/O component is instantiated, XVHDL inserts another I/O
buffer in front of the instantiated component, producing an
invalid netlist.


To specify a BUFG on a clock port, use the Xilinx_BUFG

attribute Xilinx_BUFG : boolean;
attribute Xilinx_BUFG of CLOCK : signal is true;

To specify an XC7300 BUFFOE on an output enable port, use the
following syntax:

attribute Xilinx_BUFG : boolean;
attribute Xilinx_BUFG of OUTEN : signal is true;
attribute property : string;
attribute property of OUTEN : signal is "SCHNM=BUFFOE";

Compile the design as a Chip. XVHDL will insert the
appropriate global buffer on the port instead of an IBUF.

To specify other I/O buffers, registers, or latches, compile
the design as a Macro, place the symbol on a top-level
schematic, and add all I/O components using the schematic

See also (Xilinx Solution 1373), (Xilinx Solution 1374), and
(Xilinx Solution 1375).
AR# 954
日付 01/02/2000
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