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3.1i Solaris Install - Device selection screen shows "0" disk space available


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General Description:
I am running the 3.1i Alliance Installation for a Solaris machine. When the Device Selection Screen comes up, my available disk space is reported as "0", even though this is not the case. When I try to proceed, the installation program won't let me, saying I have too little disk space.


(This issue has also been seen with the installer "patch" as described in (Xilinx Solution 8214). The following is an explanation and work-around for both situations.)

On the "Select Device" page, the installer makes a query to verify that there is enough space before continuing. If the return of this test reports that there is not enough space (or if it is incorrectly reporting that there is enough space), this test will fail, and the install will not continue.

Most likely, the return from the "check disk space" command is not matching the expected format. To test this, execute the following command at the command prompt:

df -k $XILINX | grep %| awk '{print $4}'

where $XILINX represents the destination directory. This should return a valid number (disk space available on the $XILINX location in Kb). For example:

> df -k $XILINX | grep %| awk '{print $4}'

This is what the installer expects. However, there have been some cases where the command can return something similar to the following:

> df -k $XILINX | grep %| awk '{print $4}'

The "Available" in this example will cause the installer to fail. This is happening because a different version of the "df" command is being run. To check this, run the following command:

which df

The Xilinx installer expects that you are using the /usr/bin/df. However, this full path is not hard-coded into the installer. Therefore, depending upon how the path is set up, it is possible that another version of "df" is being used. If the result of the check is anything but /usr/bin/df, this is most likely the problem.

This issue will be resolved in a future version of the installer. Until then, a work-around is to temporarily modify the path so that the /usr/bin comes before the other "df" location that is being used.
AR# 9557
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