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3.1i Solaris Install - Javascript error file : /cdrom/xilinx/idata/setup2_unix.htm or java40.jar errors


Keywords: install, 3.1i , UNIX, Java, Netscape, grey

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General Description:
When trying to run through the install, the Netscape Browser turns grey and nothing happens.

If Javascripting is disabled, the following error will appear after the registration page:

javascript error file : /cdrom/xilinx/idata/setup2_unix.htm

or, other messages might appear that reference the file java40.jar.



This message has to do with the Java Libraries that are called through Netscape to
interpret Javascripting.

One reason for this error is having the CLASSPATH environment variable set. From
Netscape's website :

If you set the CLASSPATH variable, you have to specify every .jar file
that is included with Communicator explicitly. Communicator will not search
directories; you must specify the individual files. You will also need to make
sure you specify the Communicator java40.jar file before any directories that
might contain a different java40.jar since Communicator stops searching
as soon as it finds the first java40.jar.

Therefore, the recommended solution is to simply remove the CLASSPATH
variable from your environment, at least temporarily, and re-run the setup.


When first loading Netscape make note of any errors in loading plug-ins.
In one case, a plug-in was not able to be loaded and subsequently Java
was not functional.

Ex :

Error : netscape:fatal:/usr/local/lib/netscape/plugins/java40.jar : unknown file type
can't load plug-in /usr/local/lib/netscape/plugins/java40.jar ignored.

A current workaround is to take this errant plug-in and move it from the above directory.
In effect, this plug-in will not be called.

Run install again.


If the previous solutions do not apply, it is suggested to download a stand-alone
installer application. This download simply extracts the files off the original CD.
For further information, please see (Xilinx Solution 8214).
AR# 9560
日付 09/17/2002
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