AR# 9610


3.1i Design Manager - Bitgen will error out if -g GSR_cycle option corresponding to "Release Set/Reset" is selected for Virtex-II


Keywords: design manager, templates, configuration, startup, release, set/reset, virtex-II

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Selecting the Virtex-II configuration option "Release Set/Reset:" under
the Startup tab causes BITGEN to error out.


Virtex-II does not allow the bitgen -g GSR_cycle option to be set. As such,
this option should be selected.

A future release will disable the use of this option from the GUI in that even
if it is selected by the user, it will not work. Beyond this, the option itself to
select Release Set/Reset:" for Virtex-II will be removed.

AR# 9610
日付 04/27/2006
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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