AR# 9617


3.1i Install (HP) - Help-->Online Docs hardcoded to invoke "/tools/Netscape/Netscape -remote" on HP


Keywords: Install, HP, docs, come up, Netscape, browser, Online Docs

Urgency: HOT

General Description:

When invoking Help-->Online Docs on an HP Workstation, an error message to
the xterm window stating the following may appear:

"/tools/Netscape/Netscape -remote" can't be found

This is also true when accessing "Online Docs" from all of the other
GUI apps delivered in Alliance on HP



1. Run the Design Manager (dsgnmgr)
2. Select Preferences from the File menu
3. Enter the desired browser command in the field labelled "Web Browser"

Alternatively, running "regedit" on the command prompt will invoke a registry entry tool
allowing you to verify that your browser setting is set to the correct location, which is
stored within:

AR# 9617
日付 09/20/2002
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