AR# 970


Defining pin attributes/locations for a VHDL code using Viewsynthesis


This describes how some attributes can be added to the IO
pins using Viewsynthesis.


A DESIGN.FPN file needs to be created in the project directory
with the following commands:

| a comment
| Define location TOP-RIGHT for pin RST
bufatt RST loc=tr
| Define location p13 and FAST output for pin outt[7]
bufatt outt[7] loc=p13, fast

Note that the line:
bufatt RST loc=tr
causes the RST pad to be located "tr" (or "top right").

Note that the line:
bufatt outt[7] loc=p13,fast
ends up as attributes on the outt[7] pad -- it is to be
located at pad p13, and to be a "fast" slew-rate pad.

AR# 970
日付 11/08/2004
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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