AR# 9724


3.1i HP CAE Libraries Install - Setup code references an IDATA directory that doesn't exist.


Keywords: 3.1i, HP, CAE, Install, IDATA, exist, Library

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When installing the CAE libraries on an HP machine, an error reports that the Xilinx Environment Variable is not set correctly.

The error references $xilinx/.xinstall/idata/param.txt and the /tmp directory, but when I look for these directories, they do not exist.


This problem happens because the following CD is being used:

CAE Libraries - Alliance Series 3.1i

This CD is only for the Solaris installation. For HP installations, you should use the correct Hewlett-Packard CD, which is labelled:

Implementation Tools - HP - Alliance Series 3.1i

Even though this is labelled "Implementation Tools," this CD not only contains the HP installation for Implementation Tools, but for the CAE Library and Documentation as well. (When first running the installation, you may select an option that specifies which product you want to install.)
AR# 9724
日付 09/20/2002
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