AR# 979


94 DATA BOOK 3rd: PQ100 package dimensions on page 4-10


The 2nd and 3rd editions of the data book have different outer pn dimensions for

the PQ100 package.

2nd edition shows 17.90 x 23.90

3rd edition shows 17.20 x 23.20

2nd edition matches current production parts.

3rd edition matches IPC guide lines.


There are two existing standards for this package.

We are current moving towards the IPC standard as shown in the 3rd edition.

Current supplies of the 17.90 x 23.90 dimension parts will be sold up until June 1996

After this time the 17.20 x 23.20 dimension parts will be sold exclusively

Any PQ100 package device with a date code of 9614 (April 96)

or newer will be the 17.20 x 23.20 dimension.
AR# 979
日付 10/10/2011
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