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3.1i ABEL - Error: The executable "diofft" exited with error code 2


Keywords: diofft, ABEL, foundation, ISE, abl2edif, epld_def.fft
Urgency: Standard
General description:
Compiling ABEL code fails with error code 2. The abl2edif.log file has the following message:
Error: The executable "diofft" exited with error code 2.

DIOFFT Flip-Flop Transformation program, Build D.19
iSE Release 1.00 Copyright (c) 1999 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
Fatal Error 13771: Device file 'epld_def.fft' not found.
abl2edif has failed.



This can happen if there are multiple versions of XILINX software on the
same system, and the PATH and XILINX variables are out of sync.
For example: The first Xilinx install in the PATH variable points to a
3.1i Xilinx install (i.e C:\fndtn_ise\bin\nt), and the XILINX variable points
to an older Xilinx install (i.e. C:\fndtn21).

One way to match up the variables would be to:
1. Set the Xilinx variable (set XILINX=c:\fndtn)
2. Set the PATH variable using the XILINX variable (set PATH=%XILINX%\bin\nt;%PATH%)

For further information on coexistence issues, please see (Xilinx Solution 8915).


This error can occur if there is a space before the path in the XILINX variable:
XILINX= c:\fndtn


Make sure that epld_def.fft exists in the %XILINX%\data\lib5 directory
AR# 9880
日付 08/21/2002
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