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3.1i Foundation Install - Error "LIBGUI_FRAMEWORK.DLL is linked to Mfc42.dll" and "Severe: XIE32.exe" messages appear during install.


Keywords: 3.1i, Foundation, Install, error, LIBGUI_FRAMEWORK.DLL,
Mfc42.dll, XIE32.exe, Windows 98, severe

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General Description:
I am installing Foundation Series 3.1i on Windows 98 or Windows 98JJ, and the
process fails after the following error messages appear at the end of the installation:

" LIBGUI_FRAMEWORK.DLL file is linked to missing export file Mfc42.dll:6569"

And then:

" Severe: XIE32.exe was not launched successfully."



This error occurs when a new DLL file cannot replace the older version that is currently
in use. If you re-boot and re-run the installation, the error should not occur.


Typically, Solution 1 will allow the older DLL to be replaced. However, in some instances
it has been seen that this still does not replace the older DLL.

In these cases, a simple manual workaround that can be used:

1. In Windows, go into the windows\system directory and re-name the MFC42.dll file
(to, perhaps, "MFC42.dll_old").

2. Go into the $XILINX\.xinstall\config\redist\win98 directory. Copy the mfc42.dll into
the windows\system directory.

3. Reboot the machine.

(If you cannot rename the DLL, then Windows might have it locked in memory. Typically,
re-booting the machine will release this DLL).

If the DLL was the only item that failed during the installation, copying this file over should
create a clean environment that removes this problem.


Windows may not allow you to rename the mfc42.dll file if the file is in use whenever
Windows is running. If this is the case, reboot your computer into "safe mode."

To do this, use the F8 key after the BIOS has started, but before Windows has loaded.
This will take you into a DOS prompt, and you will be allowed to rename mfc42.dll.
AR# 9900
日付 09/20/2002
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