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UltraScale and UltraScale+ GTH Transceivers

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Refer to the High Speed Serial Product Page for more information on Xilinx GTY Transceivers.

High-Speed Serial I/O Designer's GuideDate
 Basic Concepts 
 Purpose of SERDES 
 History of SERDES 
 Alignment, Encoding, Emphasis, Buffers, Channel Bonding and Clock Correction 
UltraScale GTH Transceivers User GuideDate
 RX Byte and Word Alignment08/26/2019
 RX 8B/10B Decoder08/26/2019
 Buffer Control08/26/2019
 RX Clock Correction08/26/2019
 RX Channel Bonding08/26/2019
 RX Synchronous Gearbox08/26/2019
 RX Clock Data Recovery (CDR)08/26/2019

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

The characterization reports for UltraScale and UltraScale+ devices are confidential. Please contact a Xilinx Specialist for more information.

Supported ProtocolsDate
 Kintex UltraScale+ - GTH Transceiver Protocol List07/12/2019
 Virtex UltraScale - GTH Transceiver Protocol List05/23/2019
 Kintex UltraScale - GTH Transceiver Protocol List05/21/2019
Max Data RatesDate
 Kintex UltraScale+ - GTH Transceiver Performance07/12/2019
 Virtex UltraScale - GTH Transceiver Performance05/23/2019
 Kintex UltraScale - GTH Transceiver Performance05/21/2019

UltraScale Transceiver Wizard

UltraScale Transceiver Wizard

Refer to the UltraScale FPGAs Transceivers Wizard IP Product Page for more information regarding this IP.

Using the Wizard IP CoreDate
 UltraScale Transceiver Wizard - Release Notes and Known Issues12/10/2018
 Designing with the Core06/21/2019
 Design Flow Steps06/21/2019
 Example Design06/21/2019
 Test Bench Usage06/21/2019