Vivado-Based Workshops

The Vivado Design suite supports 7-Series, Zynq, and UltraScale programmable families. It is developed to address the productivity bottlenecks in system-level design, integration, and implementation. The Vivado Design suite provides ease-of-use, system level integration capabilities, and new tools and methodologies, increasing overall productivity.

XUP has developed number of workshops using Vivado Design suite. These workshops are typically two days long. All workshop materials are in English and consist of presentation slides and lab documents.  Professors can freely re-use the presentation material in their classroom for teaching purpose. There is no restriction to add, modify or delete the slides giving professors complete control and flexibility to incorporate the material according to the course objectives.

The lab source files are available for the students to carry out the labs.  Lab solutions are only available to the professors.

Tile Level Boards Versions
FPGA Design Flow using Vivado Introductory ZedBoard, ZYBO, Nexys4/DDR, NexysVideo, Basys3, PYNQ-Z1, PYNQ-Z2 2018x, 2016x, 2015x
Embedded System Design Flow on Zynq Introductory ZedBoard, ZYBO, PYNQ-Z1, PYNQ-Z2 2022x,
2018x, 2015x, 2014x
High-Level Synthesis Flow on Zynq Introductory ZedBoard, ZYBO, PYNQ-Z1, PYNQ-Z2 2022x,
2018x, 2017x, 2016x
System Design on Zynq using SDSoC Introductory ZedBoard, ZYBO,  PYNQ-Z1, PYNQ-Z2 2018x, 2017x, 2016x
Advanced Embedded System Design on Zynq Intermediate ZedBoard, ZYBO, PYNQ-Z1, PYNQ-Z2 2018x, 2017x, 2016x
Embedded Linux on Zynq  (Archived) Intermediate ZedBoard, ZYBO 2015x, 2014x, 2013x
System Design Flow on Zynq (Archived) Intermediate ZedBoard, ZYBO 2015x, 2014x, 2013x
Partial Reconfiguration Flow on Zynq Intermediate ZedBoard, ZYBO 2016x, 2015x, 2014x