Using Xilinx Alveo Cards to Accelerate Dynamic Workloads

Alveo™ accelerator cards can help you achieve the highest performance, accelerate any workload, and deploy solutions in the cloud or on premises for data center workloads.

The focus of this course is on:

  • Identifying the available Alveo accelerator cards and their advantages as well as the available software solutions stack
  • Learning how to run designs on Alveo Data Center accelerator cards using the Vitis™ unified software platform
  • Reviewing the available partner solutions in the cloud and on premises
1 Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards Overview
Describes the Alveo Data Center accelerator cards and lists the advantages of these cards and the available software solutions stack.
2 Getting Started with Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards
Describes the hardware and software installation procedures for the Alveo Data Ceneter accelerator cards.
3 Introduction to the Vitis Unified Software Platform
Explains how software/hardware engineers and application developers can benefit from the Vitis unified software environment and OpenCL framework.
4 Vitis IDE Tool Overview
Describes the elements of the development flow, such as software emulation, hardware emulation, and system run as well as debugging support for the host code and kernel code.
5 Alveo Accelerator Card Ecosystem Partner Solutions
Describes the partner solutions available in the cloud and on premises for Alveo Data Center accelerator cards.
6 Xilinx Real-Time Video Server Appliance
Describes the Real-Time Video Server appliance reference architectures, the optimized software solution stack for video applications, and various features offered by Alveo card live transcoding.