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Vivado IP インテグレーター ソリューション センター


ザイリンクス Vivado IP インテグレーター ソリューション センターには、Vivado IP インテグレーターに関する質問が集められています。Vivado IP インテグレーターでデザインを新しく作成する場合、または問題をトラブルシュートする場合は、Vivado IP インテグレーター ソリューション センターから情報を入手してください。


Vivado IP Integrator 2013.3 Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 58074) 2013.3 - Vivado IP Integrator - Block design containing a MIG IP fails validation after upgrade to 2013.3
(Xilinx Answer 57370) 2013.3 - Vivado IP Integrator - System level connection recommendations for the VC709 with Dual DDR3 controller
(Xilinx Answer 58056) 2013.3 - Vivado IP Integrator - TCL script generated in 2013.2 is not setting the Microblaze IP configurations correctly
(Xilinx Answer 57882) 2013.3 - Vivado IP Integrator - Create, Import Peripheral Wizard generated IP is missing the Support Narrow Burst parameter on the AXI4 Master Interface
(Xilinx Answer 58119) 2013.3 - Vivado IP Integrator - Cannot assign external bus interface to AXI Slave on AXI APB bridge

Vivado IP Integrator 2013.2 Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 56519) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Interrupt sensitivity is not getting populated correctly in the IP Integrator Interrupt Controller customize GUI
(Xilinx Answer 55703) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - IRQ_F2P vector is not updating when connecting a vector port
(Xilinx Answer 56538) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - UART setting in XPS for a PS7 system are not preserved if Preset Import done to IPI-Zynq flows
(Xilinx Answer 56539) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Bus interface property ID_WIDTH mis-match when using mig_7series connected to an AXI Interconnect
(Xilinx Answer 56584) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Changing AXI protocol in Interface properties is not getting reflected in HDL wrapper
(Xilinx Answer 56587) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - READ/WRITE_OUTSTANDING parameter is not getting populated to the AXI_7Series MIG S_AXI port in Vivado IPI
(Xilinx Answer 56610) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - "ERROR [BD 41-237] Bus Interface property FREQ_HZ does not match between /mig_7series/S_AXI() and interconnect_1/s00_couplers/M_AXI()"
(Xilinx Answer 56611) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - "ERROR: [BD 41-237] Bus Interface property CLK_DOMAIN does not match between /mig_7series_1/S_AXI and /axi_interconnect/M_AXI"
(Xilinx Answer 56358) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - How can I import my Custom IP created in XPS CIP Wizard into IP Integrator?
(Xilinx Answer 56644) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - "[Project 1-486] Could not resolve non-primitive black box cell 'design1_mig_7series_1_0'" >
(Xilinx Answer 57091) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Cannot generate Memory Test application after exporting IPI design to SDK
(Xilinx Answer 57111) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Not able to associate ELF files directly in my IPI design
(Xilinx Answer 57168) 2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Zynq AXI_PCIe - Errors out when assigning address to PCIE AXI BAR1

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AR# 56612
日付 02/15/2016
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