AR# 66253

Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU105 Evaluation Kit KUCon-TRD01 Targeted Reference Design - PCIe Control Plane TRD driver modification support


For the KUCon-TRD01 PCI Express Control Plane Application TRD, are the drivers provided with the TRD specific to board? 

Can the drivers be modified to use with custom boards?


Targeted Reference Design drivers are not targeted to a specific board, but they do use Xilinx PCIe Vendor ID and Device ID information. 

The GUI that comes with the TRD to test it is, however, tied to a specific VID:DID of 10EE:8011. If the PCIe DID is anything other than 8011, the GUI does not allow driver insertion. 

However, the same design with the same set of device and vendor IDs can be built and targeted for any other board, and used as is.

The drivers are not generic PCIe drivers, but are specific to this design. There is a NorthWest Logic AXI-PCIe bridge behind the PCIe core which needs to be configured for BAR access to work.
The same driver cannot be used for designs built with a Xilinx AXI PCIe bridge. This is more of an architecture or design specific driver and not a generic driver.

The drivers are targeted at Fedora-20 / Windows-7 only, and might or might not work on other OS that are not tested to support these drivers.

Customers might choose to modify the drivers, if the above limitations are understood, however this is not supported by Xilinx. The drivers are provided as-is, any changes would be equivalent to a customer designing their own driver.

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AR# 66253
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