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AR# 7594

CoolRunner - Which CoolRunner products are pin-compatible with Altera products?


Which CoolRunner products are pin-compatible with Altera products?


The CoolRunner 32, 64, 128, and 256 macrocell devices are pin-compatible with Altera products (3000A and 7000A/E). Also, an automated Altera-to-CoolRunner conversion utility is described in (Xilinx Answer 7522).

There is one exception: The 64-macrocell device in the 100 TQFP (VQ100) package is not entirely pin-compatible with the EPM7000 series Altera product. The CoolRunner device pins 1 and 2 are connected to I/Os A6 and A7, whereas the same pins in the Altera device are no-connects.

Conversely, the CoolRunner device pins 99 and 100 are no-connects, while the same pins in the Altera device are connected to I/Os A11 and A12. These pins are true NCs for both the CoolRunner CPLDs and the Altera parts.

To work around this issue, simply route one signal trace on the board to connect pins 1 and 99, and another signal trace to connect pins 2 and 100. This will allow the use of either device on the board.

Another solution would be to use jumpers on the board to provide pin-for-pin compatibility.

Even though the CoolRunner products are pin-compatible with Altera, the architecture and design implementation is quite different. Xilinx devices give 25% more logic per macrocell, use 1/1000th of the power consumption at standby, and anywhere from 1/1000th to 1/3rd of the dynamic power than do Altera products.

AR# 7594
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