FMC L-Band RF Receiver

作成者: Creonic GmbH

The Creonic L-band RF receiver FMC card allows to receive RF signals between 925 and 2,250 MHz. It is ideally suited for satellite communication with standard satellite dishes since it includes a DiSEqC driver IC for LNB controlling. Due to the low-pin-count (LPC) FMC connector it can be used with any FMC carrier board that supports VADJ=1.8V.


  • RF Band 925 MHz - 2250 MHz
  • Programmable bandwith from 40 MHz to 100 MHz
  • LNA included
  • Input power - 75 dBm to 0 dBm
  • 1.8V LVDS IOs
  • DiSEqC 13/18V, 22 kHz driver for LNB control
  • Voltage and temperature sensors


  • Comprehensive documentation
  • FPGA Firmware (VHDL)
  • Software firmware (C++)