作成者: Fidus Systems, Inc.

The Sidewinder-100 is a full height, ¾ length PCIe acceleration platform targeted at networked-storage for NVME SSD devices. With NVMe over Fabrics becoming a focus for many of today’s cutting edge datacenter interconnect technology, the Sidewinder platform is an ideal candidate for RDMA, RNIC, PCIE (Gen3 and Gen4), and NVMe IP development.

With the AMD Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC (ZU19EG) at the center of this platform, teams can leverage the quad-core ARM Cortex A53, dual core RPU ARM Cortex-R5, and Mali-400 MP2 GPU to perform line-rate operations such as compression, encryption, and deep packet inspection. Additionally, extremely low latency storage access is made possible with integrated interconnect IP such as Gen3 and Gen4 PCI Express, and a dual QSFP Interface capable of rates including 4x10GE, 4x25GE, or 100GE per interface.

For truly unique applications and IP developments, a PCIE compliant x8 root-complex expansion port is provided to interface with other boards.


  • Separate 1GE management and provisioning interface through RJ45
  • Hardware tested at PCIe Gen4 Rates (16Gbps/lane)
  • Reference designs available for 100GE interfaces
  • 200Gb/s aggregate Fabric Interface
  • PCIe Gen3 (x8) expansion slot enable interface to accessories such as ADC boards, camera sensors, and other high bandwidth peripherals
  • Embedded Dual-Core Real Time Processing Unit (RPU) provide processing resources for time-critical tasks
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex A53 enable a fully autonomous platform
  • Develop NVMe over Fabrics (NMVeoF) IP
  • Independent PL and PS SODIMM memory modules


  • 2 x 16GB SoDIMM modules (72 bits with ECC @2400MT/s)
  • Schematics (PDF)
  • Sidewinder-100 Platform
  • User Guide