Digilent Basys3 Board


Digilent Basys™ 3 is an entry-level FPGA board designed exclusively for the Vivado Design Suite, featuring Xilinx Artix 7-FPGA architecture. The board consists of complete ready-to-use hardware, a large collection of on-board I/O devices, all required FPGA support circuits, and a free version of development tools and at a student level price point. It is well suited for digital design.

What is included?

  • The Basys3 board featuring the XC7A35T-1CPG236C FPGA
  • Micro-USB cable (Optional)
    • Can be used to power the board

Suggested use of this board

  • Student projects using any of the built-in features of the board
  • Designing combinatorial/sequential circuits
  • Design circuits which require more than 8 LEDs
  • Digital circuits whose output can utilize four 7-segments displays

Artix-7 FPGA Features

  • 32K logic cells (5,200 logic slices, each with four 6-input LUTs and 8 flip-flops)
  • 1,800 Kbits of fast block RAM
  • Five clock management tiles, each with phase-locked loop (PLL)
  • 90 DSP slices
  • Internal clock speeds exceeding 450MHz
  • On-chip analog-to-digital converter (XADC)

Key Features

Feature Description
  • XC7A35T-1CPG236C
I/O Interfaces
  • USB-UART for programming and serial communication
  • USB-UART Bridge
  • 12-bit VGA output
  • USB HID Host for mice, keyboards and memory sticks
  • 32 Mbit Serial Flash
  • One 4-digit 7-Segment displays
Switches and LEDs
  • 16 Slide switches
  • 16 LEDs
  • 5 Push-buttons
  • One 100 MHz crystal oscillator
Expansion ports
  • Pmod for XADC signals
  • 3 Pmod ports
Tools & IP
Vivado Design Suite: WebPack Edition The Vivado Design Suite WebPACK™ Edition is the FREE version of the revolutionary design suite.  Vivado WebPACK delivers instant access to some basic Vivado features and functionality at no cost.
Vivado Design Suite: System Edition The Xilinx Vivado™ Design Suite is a revolutionary IP and System Centric design environment built from the ground up to accelerate the design for programmable devices.
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