ISE Partial Reconfiguration Licensing Options

Partial Reconfiguration (PR) is the ability to dynamically modify blocks of logic by downloading partial bit files while the remaining logic continues to operate without interruption. Xilinx PR technology allows designers to change functionality on the fly, eliminating the need to fully reconfigure and re-establish links, dramatically enhancing the flexibility that FPGAs offer.

Partial Reconfiguration is available as a product within the ISE Design Suite, however, requires special licensing to enable this feature. Professors who are XUP members may obtain a license in one of three ways: (i) 30-days evaluation, (ii) Purchase a discounted priced single seat license, or (iii) Request a donation for a single seat license.

Evaluation License

Professors who are new to Xilinx technology or new to Xilinx partial reconfiguration flow may request an evaluation license by sending e-mail to providing your name, title, university/institution name, and university e-mail address (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. won’t be processed). The e-mail address must be in your XUP member profile.

The response time may be around 48 hours.

Purchase License

Professors who have either used older partial reconfiguration flow or have used evaluation license to explore the tools and who wish to purchase a single seat license may purchase the license at $1,000 by visiting Avnet web site and placing an order using product code UEF-PR-ISE.

The response time may vary depending on the processing backlog.

Request Donation

Professors who either have used earlier partial reconfiguration flow or have used evaluation license, and have determined that the partial reconfiguration feature is useful in their research may request a donation of a single seat license. Please fill out the donation request form for the donation consideration. The outcome may result in either donation of a single seat license or recommendation to purchase a license. Qualification criteria include the completeness of the form, clarity of the proposed project description, the extent of partial reconfiguration technology usage and experience.

Only professors and researchers may submit the survey form.

The response time for initial evaluation after submitting the form may be around two weeks.