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Partner Information

As one of the most respected independent electronic systems solutions providers in Europe, Plextek is proven in its ability to help its clients deliver often complex real-time systems, cost effectively and on time. Highly experienced in Xilinx implementations, it has detailed hardware software and real-time image processing design and development skills, combined with the ability to create and manufacture fully qualified, deliverable board and systems level products.

Often applying its own IP and innovative thinking, it has successfully delivered real-time systems, including radar and wireless communications, automotive infotainment systems and bespoke signal processing solutions to the defence, aerospace, medical and automotive markets.

Plextek delivers a unique combination of skills to customers engaging in a Xilinx implementation, removing risk and maximising the opportunity to meet both project and end customer expectations.

Key Offerings

  • Real-Time Solutions
  • Design Services
  • Zynq based systems
  • Proven track record with tools including Vivado, HLS, VHDL, IPI
  • Full product development, concept to factory


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Xilinx Design Experience

Program Member Since2001
Certified Engineers3
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Products and Services

  • Design Service

Market Segments

  • Automotive & Transport
  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Industrial Scientific Medical
Plextek Consulting

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Great Chesterford,  GB (Headquarters)

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