Solinnov Pty Ltd

  • Alliance Member
  • プログラム メンバー加入年: 2018
    • Adelaide, AU (Headquarters)


At Solinnov, we innovate and implement algorithms to make sense of complex signals in FPGA-based embedded real time systems. Our primary areas of development are wireless communications, electronic warfare, and radar. We also develop hardware abstraction layers, or board support packages, so that our customers can implement their business logic on these FPGA-based systems, either with our help or by themselves.

We have a successful track record in supplying to civilian and defence markets in Australia and overseas. We deliver customised solutions to our customers’ problems on schedule and on budget using our sophisticated firmware and software libraries. Solinnov has an agile, customer-facing development process that helps our customers to partner with us in their journey to innovate their solutions without a tight set of requirements.

Our areas of expertise include digital signal processing algorithm design, algorithm implementation on digital hardware systems, real-time embedded software design, and application software design. We have extensive experience with high bandwidth, low-latency ADC/DACs, tuner chips, and Xilinx FPGA platforms, in particular Zynq system-on-chip. Our extensive FPGA and signal processing experience enables us to meet demanding requirements.


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  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Wired Communications
  • Wireless Communications