Prodigy S7-19PQ Logic System



The Prodigy S7-19PQ Logic System is a compact and all-in-one system. It is equipped with four Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ 19P -2 speed grade FPGA device, includes 35,752K System Logic Cells, 663.6Mb memory, 15,360 DSP slices, 5,288GPIOs and 176 GTY transceivers.


  • Feature-rich remote management and runtime controls
  • Compatible with over 90 Prototype Ready IPs
  • 8 on-board DDR4 SODIMMs at up to 2,400Mbps totaling 128GB
  • 176 high-speed transceivers at 16Gbps
  • 5,288 high-performance I/Os for peripheral expansions & multi-system connectivity
  • Delivers up to 196M equivalent ASIC gates


  • Accessories Includes: IO Testing Module, USB Cable, Ethernet Cable, etc.
  • Prodigy Player Pro Runtime Software
  • Prodigy S7-19PQ Logic System
  • User Manual, Test Report